Freshwater quality and quantity limits project

This project contributes to our goal of taking collective responsibility for improving the health and well-being of the Kaituna River and its tributaries.

The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management requires the Regional Council to set new objectives, policies and limits for rivers, streams and groundwater aquifers. This relates to both water quality and quantity.

This project involves the setting and implementing new water quality and quantity objectives and limits for Kaituna rivers, streams and groundwater aquifers (at the same time as the rest of the region). This is an existing project, led by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council

which will result in changes to the Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement and Regional Natural Resources Plan including new freshwater objectives, policies and rules.

This project is the primary regulatory mechanism for addressing matters such as nutrient loss and water allocation within the Kaituna catchment (and other catchments in the region). Changes will also recognise and provide for the vision, objectives, and desired outcomes of the Kaituna River Document. For this reason, progressing these freshwater plan changes are a priority project for Te Maru o Kaituna.

Planned deliverables include:

  • Identifying freshwater objectives and limits
  • Draft regional plan changes by end of 2022
  • Formal plan changes notified 2024
  • Freshwater Hearing Panel hearings, recommendation and Council decisions

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