Kaituna habitats network project

This project seeks to create or connect ecological pathways for indigenous flora and fauna, with a focus on re-connecting fragmented areas of riparian, wetland and estuarine habitat.

Priority areas will include those that:

  • support unique and threatened ecosystems and habitats.
  • are culturally significant e.g. where weaving resources or kai is collected.
  • are adjacent to or the focus of other projects identified in our Te Tini a Tuna Action Plan.

BOPRC, WBOPDC and associated landowners will lead this project, which contributes to our aim of aim of creating a network of healthy and diverse Kaituna habitats and ecosystems. A broad range of tangata whenua and community partners will also be involved.

Planned deliverables include:

  • Work programme developed based on Kaituna catchment network mapping project (Project 17), and complete at least one habitat connection project by 30 June 2022.
  • Complete at least two habitat connection projects by 30 June 2025.
  • Complete at least three habitat connection projects by 30 June 2028.